5 Best Air Cleaner for Harley 103:Compare Among & Choose the Best

Bike air filters are an essential component of every motorcycle. An air filter captures dirt and other particulate matter when properly functioning, keeping it from entering your engine.

When an air filter becomes clogged or unclean, it can hurt engine efficiency and fuel efficiency.

So, let’s start with the question: What are the considerations to buy the Best Air Cleaner For Harley 103

To begin, keep an eye out for the filters’ performance promises. You should also consider purchasing a longer-lasting filter. If you intend to ride your bike daily, you should also examine the filter media. Last but not least, the budget is the most crucial concern before you acquire any product, especially if it a bike air filter.

Now, my friend, we are just warming up. 

To help you find the  Best Air Cleaner For Harley 103, these considerations above are essential. Keep them in mind.

Therefore, if you want the Best Air Cleaner For Harley 103, read along! 

5 Best Air Cleaner For Harley 103: Compare Among And Choose The Best

best air cleaner for harley 103
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It’s frustrating, isn’t it? 

Shopping for the crucial Best Air Cleaner For Harley 103 is always exciting, regardless of whether it’s for a new one or just for your old one.

But it goes without saying that you have chosen an Air Cleaner For Harley 103. It is yet astonishing that you have to be discerning only to choose the proper one. You must consider receiving a new Air Cleaner For Harley, which will provide you with the best possible performance as you desire.

To help you, we’ve listed the 5 Best Air Cleaner For Harley 103.

We have arranged this table to help you to know about them easily and quickly. 

Quick Check Table

Let’s, get started with the review;

1. K&N Engine Air Filter: High Performance, Powersport Air Filter

K&N Engine Air Filter High Performance, Powersport Air Filter

A K&N air intake system is frequently and correctly suggested for people in the market for an air intake system.

Not only because of K&N’s vast history and stellar reputation. K&N intake systems provide proven performance benefits at a low cost and with minimal installation work.

One of the most appealing aspects of utilizing a K&N filter is that it is washable. K&N created the reusable high flow cotton air filter in 1969 and has since worked relentlessly to enhance the technology that distinguishes them from other companies.

With a cotton gauze/oil filter, the K&N air filter improves filtration and airflow. Cleaning and re-oiling the engine at the proper intervals will improve performance and allow for improved filtration. For those who keep a close watch on our expenditure, improved fuel economy is the holy grail.

A K&N air filter might help you get a few more miles per gallon. K&N air filters have a million-mile guarantee, which means you’ll only ever need to buy one filter.

Key Features

  • Designed to provide increased horsepower and torque
  • Pleated media provides a large filtration area offering long service intervals
  • Multiple layers of woven cotton gauze media offer excellent filtration
  • Application-specific base seal and sealing bead
  • Washable & reusable, pre-oiled, and ready to ride!

Things that may bother you 

We couldn’t locate any consumers who were dissatisfied with the product. However, a couple mentioned that they had to clean and re-oil the filters at regular intervals. 

2. K&N Engine Air Filter: High Performance, Premium, Powersport Air Filter

 K&N Engine Air Filter High Performance, Premium, Powersport Air Filter

The filter is washable and reusable, and it is specially built to fit simply into your existing filter box. Because of the filter’s simple drop-in design, it’s simple to boost performance with this filter.

Furthermore, the filter comes with a million-mile/10-year limited guarantee. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this engine air filter is that it may last up to 50,000 miles, depending on driving circumstances.

K&N says that its filters not only allow for more unrestricted airflow when clean but can also absorb dirt without becoming as constrained as paper filters. When the filter becomes filthy, it is cleaned and re-oiled rather than discarded.

According to K&N, the cleaning interval is about 50,000 kilometers. It is also pleated and oil-filled to increase overall performance and filtration. K&N provides a one-million-mile/10-year warranty.

If the filter was used appropriately and was determined to malfunction, you can get it changed for free. Unlike many other parts that your engine needscarbureted to function correctly, air filters are inexpensive to purchase and simple to install. You can get one of the most excellent air filter replacements on the market for a reasonable price.

Key Features

  • Designed to provide increased horsepower and torque
  • Pleated media provides a large filtration area offering long service intervals
  • Multiple layers of woven cotton gauze media offer excellent filtration
  • Application-specific base seal and sealing bead
  • Washable & reusable, pre-oiled, and ready to ride

Things that may bother you 

The price tag is a bit higher than most other air cleaners.

3. HTTMT MT226-BK Black Air Cleaner Kits

HTTMT MT226-BK Black Air Cleaner Kits

To begin, you have a chrome-finished, gothic style design and a full 360 Degree Slotted Spike Cover air filter head. It’s composed of high-quality chrome-plated billet aluminum and has a washable red filter.

It is suggested that you have this filter professionally fitted. However, if you are an enthusiast with solid hands and eyesight, installing this will take less than 90 minutes. Needless to say, upgrading to a new air cleaner assembly with superior flow characteristics may significantly improve the Harley-Davidson Sportster’s performance and ride-ability.

The intake has a premium feel to it, from the nicely forged aluminum to the attention to detail on the undetectable mounting points. It has an aggressive appearance and is called Performance Gain. It is available in three different sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

The air cleaner filters the air to remove any dangerous particles that might otherwise enter the engine. Many people will be perplexed by the current Sportster’s air cleaner system and question how the engine can function with such a constricted intake channel.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Chrome Billet Aluminum Cone Spike Air Cleaner Kit intake
  • Features an Aggressive look and Performance Gain
  • 360 Degree Slotted Spike Cover
  • Washable Filter, Generic Brand Filter can be replaced with a K&N, No installation guide.
  • Material: High-Quality Billet Aluminum
  • Filter Size: 4.9″ 
  • Diameter and 9″ Length

Things that may bother you 

Although the filter is impressive, some users are very disappointed that they did not get any user guide.

4. K&N Air Intake System: Air Cleaner Kit 

K&N Air Intake System Air Cleaner Kit

A cold air intake is a sort of air intake system intended to supply air conditioning mechanisms into the engine of a vehicle. In the air intake system, a K&N cold air intake is the most recommended and popular option. It provides a proven performance boost at a low cost and is simple to install.

Before making a purchase choice, consider the following advantages and disadvantages of the K&N intake system.

When it comes to systems that use cold air intake, the air-to-fuel ratio entering the gas lines might be much better. In fact, it will yield higher mileage since the combination will be burnt much more effectively.

When accelerating, the K&N cold air intake boosts horsepower and engine response.

The greater the amount of air trapped for combustion, the greater the acceleration speed. Using the specified oil kit and cleaning solutions, the K&N intake system may be cleaned and re-oiled. This lowers the expense of purchasing a new intake filter.

Cold air intake improves the fuel-burning process and adds 5 to 20 horsepower to your engine, which is a lot of HP for most engines. When it comes to competition performance, each HP is vital to success. Once properly lubricated, the air filter with cold air intake is easy to wash and reuse.

While many intake installations pull air from the inner fender well or lower area of the bumper, most K&N filters pick a safer location and use a provided heat barrier to keep hot engine bay air out. The K&N cold air intake system includes a heat shield, which helps to keep the hot engine bay air at bay. Because cold air intake filters are not made of paper, they provide more excellent filtration and longer lifespan.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed to increase horsepower
  • Designed to improve throttle response and engine sound
  • Cast aluminum high-volume, performance air intake housing in black
  • Washable and reusable K&N High-Flow cotton air filter that provides outstanding performance and protection
  • Integrated internal velocity stack

Things that may bother you 

This air filter may improve your car’s gas efficiency, but it’s also a tad pricey to contemplate, according to experts.

5. Arlen Ness 18-326 Black Big Sucker Stage 

Arlen Ness 18-326 Black Big Sucker Stage

For this reason, this is the most highly recommended air cleaner kit. This long-time best-seller will undoubtedly increase your torque by roughly 21%. Big Sucker is intended to provide maximum airflow to your engine for optimal performance.

Testing suggests that merely adding a Big Sucker kit can result in horsepower improvements of up to 21%. It’s a must-have if you want to rouse your engine from the dead. The tubes will come in handy for rerouting the oil to the filter. This characteristic is not seen in other well-known brands such as Arlen Ness.

Nothing beats being a member of an ecosystem with its own proprietary technologies. Arlen Ness includes their unique Breather technology to ensure that your engine never overheats and malfunctions.

Best of all, this backing plate incorporates Arlen Ness’s patent-pending Hidden Breather technology. This Big Sucker will substantially raise your performance and morale on the beast. Each concealed breather has a sealing O-ring at the heads and exits at the carburetor or throttle body intake to offer efficient internal engine pressure relief.

This cleaner’s backing plates have a smooth radius air intake that allows complete and unfettered air flow through the filter and into the engine. This air filter guarantees that you may drive without worrying about the condition of your engine, whether you’re doing small excursions to the store or lengthy excursions between cities. There are also two fantastic choices to pick from. The media of the filter used in these variations differs.

The best thing is that all of the necessary hardware for installing this device is provided in the form of a full-fledged kit, along with an easy-to-read and navigate instruction panel.

Key Features

  • Features a one-piece aluminum backing plate/carb support bracket with patented hidden Breather technology and radius air inlet
  • Eliminates the need for banjo Fittings, Hoses, and filter
  • Breather passages exit at the mouth of the carburetor/throttle body, creating a virtually closed-loop system
  • Kit Includes high-performance filter, backing plate, and Steel outer cover
  • All necessary hardware and instructions are included with each kit

Things that may bother you 

Some consumers claim that the plates and bolts are not strong enough and all the quality features.


  • Question: Do I need to tune my Harley if I add an air cleaner?

Answer: No, you do not need to tune a late model Harley for the simple addition or replacement of an air filter. You may then adjust your Harley at any Stage and even tune it to operate on ordinary gas.

  • Question: How often should I change my Harley air filter?

Answer: The filter should be replaced every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Replacement air filters are available in three varieties: OEM paper, oiled cotton gauze, and oiled foam.

  • Question: Why is oil coming out of my air filter on my Harley?

Answer: Top-breathing engines breathe or vent through top breather bolts inserted into the heads of a Harley-Davidson engine. Oil has saturated the air within a motor. When oil leaks from an air filter assembly

Take Away

Now, those are the 5 Best Air Cleaner For Harley 103. Always remember to keep the considerations in mind. The original Harley-Davidson air filter may be cleaned with lukewarm water and a light detergent. To remove dirt and debris, do not strike the element on a hard surface. Allow the filter element to dry naturally or use low-pressure compressed air to clean it.carbureteda airflow

So, what do you think about this review? 

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